Starting Tuesday there are heat advisories and excessive heat warnings already in place for most of the region. Heat is considered a form of severe weather so please take steps to mitigate the impact of heat on yourself.

Heat safety advice

The heat index could jump above 100, all the way up to 110 in some areas so please be safe in the heat.

Temp predictions for Tuesday

Stay tuned for updates on this developing weather situation and grab the free StormTracker 13 weather app by using the link directly below.

(WOWK) — Severe thunderstorms are possible in a few different rounds in a few different areas late Monday through early Tuesday to be followed by a sharp heat wave which is also considered severe weather.

A severe thunderstorm watch has already been issued for the far western side of the WOWK-TV viewing area including Lewis County, Kentucky through 10 p.m. Monday. Strong winds are the main risk.

Satellite, radar and watch area as of 3 p.m. Monday, June 13, 2022

The official Storm Prediction Center severe storm outlook calls for the strongest storms to take place in the northern half of the viewing area and should take place late at night, well past midnight in some areas.

Severe storm risk outlook for Monday night through Tuesday morning at 8 a.m.

Our Predictor model has a squall line with very strong winds coming in from the northwest just before midnight and will come down a line from Athens, Ohio toward Charleston onto southern West Virginia. The issue is: other models have different paths than this model and generally show that same squall line taknig place a little later and also a little farther north and east. One thing that will be prevalent will be the risk of severe down drafts causing damaging winds. Also, torrential downpours will likely take shape as well as some hail and frequent lightning.

Damaging wind risk areas show higher wind risk near and north of I-64 Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Plenty of cloud to ground lightning is possible with these storms should they form into a squall line as shown below by Lightning Predictor

Lightning Predictor for 11:15 p.m. Monday night

Hail is possible if storms do form into a squall line. Besides strong winds up above 58 mph, large hail would be possible in some areas. Hail Predictor indicates where hail is possible. Again the final result could vary as models are having difficulty in agreeing on storm placement.

Hail Predictor shows possible regions with the potential for large hail by very early Tuesday morning.

While it has not been mentioned formally, flash flooding is possible if storms move over the same area again and again overnight. The placement of the rainfall in the model below can change but gives us an idea that if we see more than one large group of storms we could see 2-3 inches of rain in some areas which could be enough to cause flash flooding.

Predictor model output for rainfall mainly Monday night – Tuesday morning