(WOWK) — A few thunderstorms are expected Friday afternoon (4/21/23) in the region and a few of those expected storm cells could reach severe limits. The image below outlines the severe storm risk areas for Friday afternoon in the dark green shaded region. The risk is very low, it’s just not zero.

Severe storm risk for Friday afternoon. Dark green = Marginal Risk of category 1 out of 5.

The main risk from storms is the chance of damaging wind gusts along with some lightning.

Storms will be spotty and will also fall apart to a degree as they cross the Ohio River toward the early evening. See the slideshow below for an idea of timing and placement of storms.

Rain will subside for a few hours then come back as steady rain during the overnight hours, crossing into Saturday. See the progression of the second round of rain early Saturday on Predictor.

Rainfall should be around three-quarters of an inch to an inch of rain from Friday until late Saturday. Temperatures will drop sharply for Sunday after the rain moves away and we could see frost once again Sunday night.

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