(WOWK) — Rain, freezing rain, sleet and even snow are likely across the region on Tuesday morning. Winter weather advisories are posted from late Monday night through 1 p.m. Tuesday in many parts of the area for the likelihood of slick bridges and overpasses.

Road conditions could easily be slick early in the morning. See the map below for an idea of early morning commute future road conditions.

Road temperatures will be in the range where salt will be effective but bridges and overpasses can be at these marks or even below depending on air temperatures. See the projected road temperatures lingering below freezing past the normal start of business time on the map below. The best advice is to treat shiny or wet looking areas on roads as icy.

Snowfall is expected to be light. The model output below does not take melting into account but is an idea of how much snow could be on the grass or cold car tops or other cold surfaces. Most of the snow will stick along and north of I-64 early Tuesday.

Temperatures will be just a little warmer aloft so the precip will fall as rain but freeze on contact with sub-freezing surfaces in areas mainly south of I-64 across the southern coalfields of West Virginia and Kentucky through late Tuesday morning. The map below shows the anticipated amount of ice accumulation.

It’s light ice accumulation but again, it’s impossible to tell the difference between wet and ice covered roads in many instances. Go easy on the brakes and go slower until things melt later Tuesday afternoon.

Stay ahead of changing conditions by downloading and using the StormTracker 13 weather app. It’s free and you can download it by clicking on the link directly below.