(WOWK) — It’s the first day of February, and it’s cold, but one thing has been missing so far: snow. To clarify, we have seen snow, we just haven’t seen a lot of it. You can definitely still call this a snow drought.

During the month of January, Huntington only saw half an inch of snow when normally we would see about 6 inches.

Charleston only saw .8 inches of snow when normally we would see about 10 inches. That’s a huge deficit.

Precipitation in the form of rain is a different story for the region. There’s was plenty of rain.

Huntington saw 3.45″ of rain compared to the normal of 3/1″. Charleston saw 3.76″ of rain where the normal is 3.27″.

The normal amounts of snow are a far way away as Huntington usually sees more than 19 inches of snow and Charleston sees about 31 inches of snow. For the entire season, Charleston has only see 2.7″ and Huntington has only seen 2.2″.

This area has been known to see snow well into the first week of April but those are major deficits to make up in a span of about 8 weeks.

One thing is sure, if you have the StormTracker 13 weather app, you’ll be the first to know when snow is coming this way. Download and use the app by clicking on the link directly below and it’s absolutely free.