Belmont County, OH (WTRF)- The suspect in the Belmont County murder, in Barnesville, has been shot dead.

Officials at Belmont County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Wednesday morning to discuss new details in the murder investigation of a Barnesville woman and the disappearance of an Akron Children’s Hospital nurse, who has now been located.

The suspect, who is from Cleveland is believed to have kidnapped 45-year-old Thoue Nichole Bronowski.

She was kidnapped Wednesday, November 25, in Cuyahoga Falls and brought to her mom’s home in Belmont County.

Investigators believe the suspect, identified as James Edward Hawley, AKA Ahmad Ben David, 47, killed the mother Thursday, November 26.

Belmont County Sheriff, David Lucas says there was a relationship at one time between Hawley and Bronowski

Law enforcement officials recovered a burned out car in Cleveland believed to belong to the victim. 

Hawley was found with Bronowski in Louisiana Tuesday, December 1. 

Hawley reportedly got in a shootout with FBI agents.  Sources say the suspect and one FBI agent were shot.  The suspect was killed.  The agent was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Sources also say Bronowski was rescued safe from the scene.

Belmont County Sheriff, David Lucas said this is still an ongoing investigation, but the homicide is solved and the main thing is supporting the family and victims.