(WOWK) — Snow prompted winter weather advisories for the region Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. Most of the snow stuck on the grass while the roads

Winter weather advisories through Saturday morning

There is a lot of water on roads which can freeze easily once the temperature drops overnight. Snow cover is still expected to be seen as well in the areas marked in blue on the map below.

Future road conditions for Saturday morning

The map below shows the expected pavement temperatures for early Saturday, which is why there is a concern for a big re-freeze on area roads. Ice is clearly possible just about anywhere on the roads.

Expected morning road temperatures Saturday 6:15 a.m.

Even though the air temperature will be in the 20s Saturday, the sun will come out and the pavement temperatures will jump substantially, melting snow and ice and drying the roads thanks to evaporation. See the afternoon pavement temperatures below.

Expected afternoon temperatures Saturday 2:00 p.m.

A big warmup is coming starting Tuesday when the highs hit the mid and upper 50s. In fact the current forecast calls for 57 degrees on Tuesday, a 47 degree jump from the Sunday morning low of 10 degrees.

The warm air will linger until Thursday when a sharp front crosses the area, leaving us cold once again for Friday.

Predictor temperatures Thursday afternoon showing 56 degrees

Despite warm temperatures, there is a good chance for rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Amounts currently don’t look to be of any concern (as projected below) but we will monitor models for changes in the days ahead.

Predictor rainfall estimates for the coming week

Stay bundled up for the weekend mornings and watch where you step! Don’t slip on any ice!