(WOWK) — Thursday morning, the region woke up to a fresh couple of inches of snow on the ground and on the roads.

Estimate of how much snow fell Wednesday night into Thursday morning

The rush of cold air behind that snow has taken center stage as the main weather story for a few days. Temperatures on Friday morning should be running close to 10 degrees or colder. The images below are straight weather model output and may not match our official forecast but they illustrate the bitter cold air mass well.

Predictor model output for Friday morning

The air could be even colder thanks to clear skies Friday night into Saturday morning.

Predictor model output for Saturday morning

People should make sure to limit time outside unless they are fully bundled up for the conditions to avoid any problems such as frostbite or hypothermia.

Temperatures get above freezing for a few days starting Saturday.

There is some snow returning from the northwest on Sunday. This is not expected to be a big snow at all. At this point only the high terrain areas of West Virginia should see an inch or two with the lowlands not expecting any real accumulation. But the StormTracker 13 meteorologists will stay on top of it to let you know if there are any changes.