GRAFTON, WV — Summer officially arrived to Taylor County on Saturday. Tygart Lake State Park welcomed beachgoers for the first time, and those who attended got a first look at the new toys the state park offers.

A few kids on top of an obstacle known as “The Cube”.

Tygart Lake unveiled an obstacle course with its new season. In conjunction with State Park Adventures, there are three rows of various obstacles – the deeper the obstacles are, the harder.

The course floats in the middle of the lakes to add some excitement to days on the lake.

“When people go on vacation now, they don’t just want to sit in their room,” said Paul Buechler, CEO of State Park Adventures. “They want to get out. They want to do things. And that’s where we come in.”

Buechler said a similar Adventure course was set up in Pipestem State Park, as well. The course is part of an initiative from the state parks to add more activities to get as many people out and enjoy themselves in the parks.