(WOWK) — After a deadly, costly and uncomfortable Arctic outbreak, the weather it taking a turn for the warmer over the rest of the week and into the weekend. See the slideshow below for model output showing the warming progression.

Rain is possible especially late Friday night into Saturday. As of now the projected rain totals do not appear to be the kind that could create high water issues at all.

Predictor model output of rainfall through next Tuesday Jan 3, 2023

Models seem to send mixed signals about when it might get very cold again. For now, experts at the nation’s Climate Prediction Center seem to lean toward equal chances or slightly higher chances that it will be warmer than normal through January 20th.

There appears to be an equal chance of more or less precipitation than usual over the time period of January 7 through Jan 20. Basically that means there are no major signals as to what we expect precipitation wise.

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