(WOWK) — A one-day warmup is in the forecast for Wednesday before a small chance of snow late Thursday.

Predictor model output for temperatures Wednesday afternoon

Winds could reach gust speeds of 20 miles per hour on Wednesday.

Predictor model output for winds Wednesday

Very quickly we see temperatures heading colder with a chance of rain changing into snow on Thursday evening and night.

Snow amounts will be light on the Thursday snow and mainly confined to the higher terrain. The snow model shown below does not take melting into account.

Predictor model output for snow Thursday night

The next possible chance of snow kicks in Sunday as a large area of low pressure aloft and at the surface rolls from the Midwest into the Deep South then snaps back up into the Piedmont. This kind of storm track could leave us dealing with snow on the northern side of the storm.

Model projection of upper air disturbance which could cause snow in our region into the southern states Sunday

Snow models which are available on the Internet show a range of as much as 9 inches of snow to almost no snow in our region. It’s too early to say which models appear to be more correct.

Another way to look at such uncertain events is to use the National Blend of Models which is a product the National Weather Services uses to show averages of the models including ensemble models. That model suite currently has more like 2 to 4 inches of snow for much of the WOWK-TV area by Monday with more like 6 inches of snow in the higher mountains.

MANY THINGS CAN CHANGE and likely will with each successive look at the models for this potential weather system. Impacts will be more important than the actual inches of snow. That is true for areas to our south which are not used to much snow and don’t have much snow removal capability. We will keep you advised of new trends as they develop.