(WOWK) — Ian dropped to Tropical Storm strength and ramped back up to hurricane strength as of Thursday evening, but is expected to make a turn into South Carolina then make a trek toward our area as a left over area of low pressure.

Projected path of Ian as of 5 p.m. Thursday

The resulting rain should come through the region in bands with some peeks of sunshine but also occasional wind gusts up to 25 mph. Please note for your outdoor planning purposes that it’s not continual rain but there will be times when it pours. This is a tropical air mass so large amounts of rain can be produced.

See the slide show below for the latest ideas of when rain will fall and where.

Rainfall models now have the higher amounts of rain centered on the Tri-State region in the WOWK-TV area. That’s because the area of low pressure will move up to our area, stall and then pivot out to the east. That allows the storm to place more rain in this area.

Predictor rain model guidance through Sunday night

Please remember that models do change but the overall idea on all of the models is similar that there could be as much as 3 inches of rain this weekend in the overall area. There is a slight risk of excessive rainfall for Saturday.

Excessive rainfall potential Saturday through Sunday

Winds are not anticipated to be severe, but gusts up to 25 mph would be very likely. Stronger wind gusts may be seen on the higher ridge tops in the eastern parts of West Virginia. A reminder that gusts are temporary and the steadier wind will be much slower than the gusts. See the slideshow below for the latest weather model output of wind gusts.

Stay on top of ever changing conditions and updated forecasts by downloading and using the StormTracker 13 weather app. It’s free and you can get it by clicking on the link directly below.