UPDATE FRIDAY NIGHT: see the newest slide show to help you plan outdoor activities. Once again it does not appear that the entire region will have rain.

(WOWK) — As the area continues to enjoy a week long respite from rain, that’s all about to change as we enter Friday afternoon.

Satellite, radar and surface map features.

The low pressure center off the east coast of the United States is still pressing back to the west, shoving clouds in from the east and eventually by Friday afternoon, enough heat and humidity to cause showers and storms to bubble and brew up across the area. The key is, these will be wide spread. Here’s the slideshow below to help you plan your weekend:

While any particular storm cell could be strong for a brief time, the overall projection is not for severe storms. We should just see “garden variety” thunderstorms.

Severe storm risk outlook for Friday from the Storm Prediction Center

The stronger, more organized storms should remain to the west again on Saturday as well.

Severe storm risk outlook for Saturday from the Storm Prediction Center

Rainfall amounts can, of course, be higher under any particular, individual thunderstorm cell, but overall the models are not indicating an alarm for flooding concerns with projected rainfall.

Predictor model output for rainfall through Monday morning

So keep your umbrellas handy for the weekend and keep the StormTracker 13 weather app at your fingertips so you can track the showers or storms any time.

The app is free and you can download it by clicking on the link directly below.