(WOWK) — Severe weather is possible in multiple forms across the WOWK-TV area on Friday.

UPDATE: 3:15 pm Friday

Updated SPC Outlook

Enhanced risk has been dropped from our western counties.

Updated Wind Risk from Storm Prediction Center

Enhanced risk for severe wind damage in eastern Kentucky has been dropped, but we will still see chances for damaging winds.

UPDATE: 2:50 pm Friday

Storm Prediction Center Outlook for Today

Our western counties will be under an enhanced risk for severe weather this afternoon and evening with most counties in the WOWK-TV viewing area in the slight risk category. As of 2:50 PM the strongest line of storms will move into eastern Kentucky around 4, Huntington area at 5 and Charleston area at 6pm.

Today’s Tornado Risk from Storm Prediction Center

We will see risks for tornadoes today. Eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio will see a higher risk than West Virginia. No risk for significant tornadoes in our area.

Today’s Damaging Wind Risk from Storm Prediction Center

Our main concern with this system will be damaging winds. Expect 40 and 50 mph wind gusts in the strongest line of storms this afternoon. Our western counties are under risk for significant wind damage this afternoon.

Anticipated heavy rain early and again late Friday have prompted a flood watch in many areas already.

Flood watches in green for Friday

Strong winds are possible with gusts of 40-45 mph across the area as well with higher winds possible in a few spots or if a squall line develops. Those advisories run from 7 a.m. Friday until 7 a.m. Saturday in many instances.

Wind advisory map for Friday through early Saturday

There is a risk of tornadoes within a possible late day squall line. Much of the region is listed in a 5 percent risk or tornado area. That means if you’re standing in that region (the brown shaded area on the map below) that there is a 5 percent chance you’ll have a tornado reported within 25 miles of where you are standing.

Tornado risk map for Friday from SPC

With flooding, wind and tornado risks on the table, please download and use the StormTracker 13 weather app. Enable notifications and location services so you can be alerted to watches or warnings at your location. It’s free and you can get it by clicking on the link directly below.