CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The West Virginia Power minor league baseball team has been cut from the MLB.

“Now, the ultimate question ‘what will that look like?’ The truth is… we don’t know yet,” said David Kahn, media relations for WV Power.

WV Power is one of 11 teams that didn’t get an invitation to be an affiliate to a major league team.

This will create yet another economic impact on the City of Charleston.

“We have a 3.1 million dollar impact on the city,” said Jeremy Taylor, General Manager for WV Power.

“It’s going to have a huge economic impact on the city and surrounding businesses,” said Tracy Abdalla, owner of Soho’s restaurant; a restaurant right next to the ballpark.

Local restaurants like Soho’s, that’ve already been hit hard due to COVID-19, will now face yet another hit.

“As one of those businesses, we’re very close to them,” said Abdalla. “So I’m sure we’ll have some sort of down tick in this new world order we’re facing right now.”

Jeremy Taylor says the organization is working to at least hold some events in the park to create some revenue; but unfortunately the pandemic is making that difficult.

“Everyone is so pretentious right now to do anything,” said Taylor. “We don’t really have anything in the books other than that high school tournament, a potential concert in October, and a weekend chiseled out for that high school showcase. That’s about it.”

So for now, the organization will keep working, finding ways to keep baseball in Charleston.

“I know those guys over there and I’m sure they probably have a trick or two up their sleeve,” said Abdalla. “I don’t think baseball is finished yet in Charleston.”

“Our fight is not over,” said Kahn. “And we will continue to try to prove to MLB and its teams every day why we deserve to be a part of their future.”