PUTNAM COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Pavement repairs on I-64 that were not finished in time this morning causing massive backups in traffic are scheduled to be worked on at nighttime on Wednesday, Dec. 8 and Thursday, Dec. 9.

The WV Department of Transportation says, weather permitting, contractors will complete the repairs during the nights of Dec. 8 and Dec. 9 on I-64 west of the St. Albans interchange. They say work is expected to be complete prior to 6 a.m. Thursday and Friday, Dec. 10 so that the lanes can be open back up in time for the morning commute.

On Tuesday, Dec. 7, contractors were working on the repairs to widen I-64 where traffic was shifted onto the slow lanes and shoulders for both the eastbound and westbound lanes. The westbound lane was completed, but an asphalt machine broke down before the eastbound lane was complete, the press release says.

They say the lane where work was not completed was closed down during the morning commute, which lead to massive traffic delays for eastbound drivers.

The press release says that the construction is being done to ensure public safety for the upcoming winter by removing rumble strips from the former shoulders and repairing pavement in the area.