(WOWK) – 2022 is now in the books and Storm Tracker 13 Meteorologists are looking back to see how last year’s rain compared to normal.

Charleston, WV 2022 Rain Total

Majority of rain for West Virginia, southeastern Ohio and eastern Kentucky fell during the first two thirds of the year. Infact 86% of Charleston, WV’s rain, and 83% of Huntington, WV’s rain fell during this part of the year. July was the wettest on average. Charleston saw 9.95 inches of rain last July with Huntington not too far behind seeing 9.41 inches. Looking back, there were numerous severe flood reports in eastern Kentucky and the valleys of the mountain state last summer with the widespread heavy rainfall.

Huntington, WV 2022 Rain Total

We were on pace to see far more rain than normal this year, but the later third of the year was abnormally dry. In September, October, and December we saw less than an inch and half of rain in Charleston, and Huntington. October was the driest month in Huntington, and December was slightly drier for Charleston. This span of drier than normal weather knocked yearly rain totals to about normal for the year in Huntington. 2022 is tied for the tenth wettest year in Charleston, WV. Charleston’s wettest year is 2018 with 67.05 inches of precipitation. Huntington’s wettest year is 2011 with 62.44 inches of precipitation.

This year’s average high and low temperatures balanced out to be close to normal for the year. In the region the average temperature was actually 0.1-0.3 degrees cooler than normal.

Current Drought Monitor

The current drought monitor shows that we did not end the year with any drought conditions in the WOWK-TV viewing area. Storm Tracker 13 Meteorologists predict some chances for lighter rain showers over the next few days.

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