(WOWK) — A fast moving weather system could leave just enough rain to briefly dampen the roads in areas well north of I-64 before drying right back out very early Tuesday as winds turn stronger.

Predictor model output for just before 11 p.m. Monday night

Once this light precipitation moves through the region, the wind is expected to pick up rapidly as the sun comes up. Models suggest gusts well above 20 miles per hour for a few hours before Tuesday afternoon.

Model output for wind gust speeds Tuesday morning

Much of the region is in the Low brush and wildfire danger zone but there are some areas in the High fire danger zone and with strong winds, low humidity and sunshine, many more areas could jump easily back into the High or Very High fire danger category.

Fire danger zones for West Virginia from WV Forestry

There is rain expected on Wednesday but that will be moving through very rapidly.

Model output for rainfall Wednesday

This rain will only soak the ground briefly and with much warmer temperatures for Thursday and Friday with highs in the 60s, it won’t take long for the leaves on the forest floor to get dry and crunchy again and become fuel for potential fires.

Local fire departments are urging people to observe local burning regulations.

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