NOTE: This is a look at the model trends, not a detailed forecast. Things will change, but this is a glimpse at the weather 8 to 10 days away. Global conditions can change lots of things but the cold is coming for sure!

(WOWK) – A “White Christmas” is something we all dream of as kids and as adults too. The chances are looking higher this year than what we normally see. But what you’ll really be talking about is the harsh cold!

The ground work is being laid this weekend with the cold air invasion this Friday(12/16) through Sunday(12/18). Saturday and Sunday high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s across the area. That will help cool the ground temperatures even more which would support better chances for accumulating snow in the coming days.

Let’s talk about the temps. We’ve got high pressure setting up near the north pole and that will then help draw INSANELY COLD air from Siberia across the pole. This will then be drawn south across Canada and the lower 48 of the United States by low pressure.

Cross polar flow will bring incredibly cold air down across Canada and into the United States.

Here’s a look at the Climate Prediction Center’s newest forecast for temps below normal across the eastern half of the country. This accounts for the dates of Wednesday(12/21) through Tuesday(12/27). Temperatures will be SIGNIFICANTLY BELOW AVERAGE across parts of the Upper Midwest, Missouri Valley, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley.

Climate Prediction Center temperature trend map 12/21-12/27.

So, let’s look at the core of the cold temperatures for the 4 days of next week and into the weekend of Christmas. This is a slide show, so you can either hit the arrows on your desktop or swipe on your phone/tablet. You can see the very COLD CORES of air. This will be rough folks.

There’s a chance that Christmas Eve could be in the top 5 coldest days ever for Charleston and Huntington in West Virginia.

Now we want to look at the rain/mix/snow. DISCLAIMER: This is a forecast model that is looking at projected data of 9 to 12 days away. The details will change before then but we are seeing some trends that indicate storm systems in the eastern half of the country.

The most interesting things…snow in Houston and New Orleans on Christmas Day. It’s happened before but details will be ironed out by early to middle of next week.

Once again, this is a slideshow so swipe or click the images forward. Look at the snow for us on Thursday, following that…we’ve got a heck of a shot at Lake Effect Snow for 3 to 4 days!

Finally, if we took this forecast verbatim…we’ve got a White Christmas! BUT…we can’t. Things will change, for sure. So this is a guidance to say there’s a chance. This would be the snow on the ground Christmas. Hopefully it comes true but no matter what, we have to keep our eyes on these systems!