(WOWK) — A cold front passed through Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia last night pushing out all of the warm tropical moisture leaving us with some very cold conditions over the weekend. Storm Tracker 13 Meteorologists say that these colder temperatures will continue into the work week.

24 Hour temperature swing in the WOWK-TV viewing area

We are experiencing a 20-degree temperature swing across the board, and these cold conditions will carry through the weekend and into next week. High temperatures have dropped from the 60s and 70s of last to the 40s. Make sure all of you people, pets and plants are inside as well as low temperatures will dip below freezing for the next few days. Morning lows temperatures will even be in the mid 20s on Monday.

Climate Prediction Center 6-10 day temperature outlook

Cold air is expected to stay in the region through the work week and into next weekend. The climate prediction center’s 6-10 day temperature outlook shows our area has an 80-90% chance to see below normal temperatures. Storm Tracker 13 Meteorologists will take it a step further and say that highs will be 10-15 degrees below normal, in the 40s, all through the work week and next weekend.

Climate Prediction Center 6-10 day precipitation outlook

Fans of snow may be disappointed as the CPC predicts below normal precipitation totals for the same time period. While we will see a stretch of mostly dry conditions, Strom Tracker 13 Meteorologists say that there could be some lighter snow flurries Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. These flurries will not lead to any meaningful snow totals and will mostly form over the higher terrain. Regardless of if you are seeing snowflakes or not make sure to bundle up for the colder conditions.

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