UPDATE (6:56 p.m. on Friday, May 6): After the water receded, parents were able to safely pick up their kids from daycare.

UPDATE: (3:15 P.M. May 6, 2022) – A group of daycare kids are safe after the church that hosts the daycare program was surrounded by flood waters this morning.

When the waters first came close to the church, Huntington Fire Department Chief Greg Fuller told us supervisors with the program at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church had taken the kids to the second floor for safety.

In a new update from the pastor, John Yeager, the kids are still okay, and are still sheltering in place on the second floor. Yeager says the total number of people inside includes 20 children and eight supervisors.

Yeager says he has been staying in frequent contact with the office manager who has told him that seven vehicles have been “totaled” by the floodwaters and there are about three inches of water in the church’s basement. The pastor says at one point, the water reached the third step of the front portico.

“The good news is that the flood waters are receding but more rain is expected. Please pray for a window of opportunity for the kids and adults to get home,” Yeager said.

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The Huntington Fire Department says the children at a daycare are safe after the building started to flood in severe weather.

According to HFD Fire Chief Greg Fuller, daycare supervisors at the Enslow Park Presbyterian Church Daycare Program moved the children to the second floor of the church due to the flooding.

Everyone is safe, and city officials say there are reports of water starting to subside along Fourpole Creek and outside city limits.