(WOWK) — While we had a very wet summer in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia this fall has been the complete opposite. Data from the National Weather Service showed Charleston receiving more than 12 inches of rain above normal from Jan 1st, 2022, to September 1st, 2022. Data from September 1st to today shows that we are behind by 3.3 inches in recent months. Because of this swing drought conditions are starting to spread into the WOWK-TV viewing area

Current Drought Monitor

Abnormally dry conditions have reached further into Athens, Morgans, and Washington Counties in Ohio, as well as Pike County in eastern Kentucky. There is no change in drought conditions in West Virginia this week. The worst of the drought continues to remain further west with moderate drought conditions in western Ohio, and Severe and Extreme drought in eastern Kentucky.

Climate Prediction Center 6-10 day precipitation outlook.

Short term precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows that we will have about a 40% chance for higher-than-normal precipitation in Eastern Kentucky in the short term, but the Ohio River Valley will remain at near normal levels for the coming days. This could mean minor shrinkage for next week, but with the very warm temperatures for the next few days this is unlikely. Regardless drought conditions will continue to persist.

Climate Prediction Center November Precipitation Outlook

A longer-range outlook predicts below normal precipitation totals for the WOWK-TV viewing area for November. While current models suggest less precipitation for this month, this does not mean we will be dry every day. Drought conditions will continue into the Winter months for us.

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