MILTON, WV (WOWK) – Across the Tri-State, the Saturday night rains hit several areas hard, causing flash flooding. Now, the high water levels mixed with low temperatures could cause even worse hazardous road conditions.

When the heavy rain started falling, in many areas the water started to rise and cover roadways. Fortunately, some residents were prepared for this.

Milton, West Virginia resident Nikolas Hill says the day before the storms his family bought food and supplies. One of Hill’s neighbors Cameron Lester also made preparations.

We just watch and kind of see what’s coming and know when the heavy rain was going to be to at least have some sort of account for how to take care of my family in case we couldn’t get out.

Cameron Lester, Milton, West Virginia resident

Along Mud River Road in Milton, West Virginia, high water covered the road in several different locations, trapping many residents in their homes. As the temperature starts to drop, these same residents could also be facing a bigger issue.

If it was to freeze, it would be dangerous. It’s quite deep in multiple locations, so it would literally just be a sheet of ice. It would be like driving on glass.

Cameron Lester, Milton, West Virginia resident

Lester tells us he works from home, so he and his family are ready to wait this out, but others who have to commute to work will just have to wait.