(WOWK) – After a few good days of drying out, Mother Nature is bringing back the rain chances across the area. Thunderstorms will have the possibility of bringing severe weather and a higher threat of flash flooding across our region.

A FLOOD WATCH has been issued through Sunday evening with a distinct possibility of flash flooding occurring where we have seen heavy rains over the past 2 weeks.

Thunderstorms start to crank up Thursday afternoon and into the late evening hours.

We expect the heavier rains on Friday morning and again late in the day could have an impact for more people, especially if they move over the same areas.

Saturday could be critical in thunderstorm activity. This is something we have to watch because 2 days worth of storms really sets up the stage for flooding with nearly any storm within and hour. We will have crews on standby throughout the weekend.

Rain totals don’t look like they’re too high with some of our forecast models. But we’re looking at smaller cells producing heavier rains in smaller areas which can lead to more localized flooding.

Rain over the last 30 days has taken our rain to 200% to 300%+ above normal!