FLOYD COUNTY, KY (WOWK) – As cleanup efforts are underway for people in Floyd County, some are having a hard time getting everything cleaned.

Homeowners say they have been clearing garages, basements and cleaning yards after the mess that was left behind.

But one person said, as a result of the flood, a wall stopping creek water from entering his property was destroyed and now the water continues to pour into his yard.

He says he’s been working for days to get everything cleaned, but the rain from early Monday and the water from the creek have set him back.

“We had about two to three inches of rain this morning again and it came back up again. Not as much as it did the first time, but it’s enough to get you discouraged,” said Floyd County resident, Paul Crider.

Now he says he worries about the rain headed their way throughout the rest of the week and water levels continuing to rise in his yard.

Other people in the community are dealing with another issue. A bridge that people tell me was their main way in and out of the neighborhood was destroyed during the storm.

People now have to travel behind one neighbor’s home and take a completely different route to leave.

This is preventing some from leaving to get materials to get everything cleaned and the fallen bridge is also pushing water back into nearby homes.

“The bridge is definitely an inconvenience. Hopefully, they’ll get that fixed ASAP. When the water came up and the bridge dropped, that brought the water also this way,” explained Crider.

He says when the county heads their way with big trucks – to help with the cleanup – they’re also going to have to navigate not being able to use the bridge.