(WOWK) – We are seeing some toasty temperatures to close out the work week, and StormTracker 13 Meteorologists are monitoring heat advisories in the region for today.

Current Watches and Warnings

The National Weather Service has issued Heat Advisories for parts of the Ohio River Valley. Morning rain showers did prevent us from reaching excess heat warnings, but its still hot out there today.

Heat advisories are issued when heat indices are expected to be between 100 and 104 degrees for a two hour stretch of the day. Excess heat warnings are issued when the heat indices exceed 105 degrees for more than two hours in the day. Regardless of which alert you receive you want to make sure you follow good heat safety guidelines.

Heat Safety Guidelines

When we see hot temperatures move in like today its important to take some steps to keep yourself safe. First and foremost you need to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. It’s best to avoid doing intensive outdoor activities during the late afternoon hours.

Predictor Friday Afternoon Heat Indices

Tomorrow is shaping up to be the hottest day of the week. Some forecast models show heat indices climbing up to 109 degrees in northeast Kentucky and western West Virginia. Cooler temperatures will return over the weekend. Stay cool out there.

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