(WOWK) – Windy conditions and scattered rain showers reared their heads at the start of the weekend. Winds will be calming down for Sunday, and rain chances are drying up.

Predictor Wind Gusts Sunday 10 AM

Winds tomorrow will be much calmer as sustained winds will tend to stay in the single digits. Wind gusts in the teens will still be possible tomorrow in the Ohio River Valley and over the Appalachians, but winds will be nowhere near the 25+ mph winds we saw on Saturday.

Tomorrow’s Conditions for the WOWK-TV viewing area

Due to skies clearing up, and a cold front passing through morning lows will be much colder tomorrow. Temperatures will still be in the lower 30s and upper 29s by 9 AM and highs will only warm up to the mid 40s. No need to worry about an umbrella or a poncho as rain chances tomorrow will be at zero percent.

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