CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Another round of snow is on the way. Soon people will be digging out once again, but Friday some shoppers were out getting a head start on mother nature.

“I came to get some salt because the last snow storm I only had about 2 cups of salt. So I’m stocking up for the next snowstorm,” said Denise Ferris, Charleston, WV.

Ferris was one of many customers stopping by Green’s Feed and Seed Friday to pick up winter weather supplies. The store says they have plenty of ice-melting options.

“Most of them go to like 15 and 25 degrees and then the calcium will go to I think it is 45 below,” explained Peggy Miller, Garden Center Manager at Green’s Feed and Seed. She said it is a good idea to go ahead and purchase what you need before the snow starts to fall.

“Just always remember to pre-treat. Do a light pre-treat and always wear gloves. Any time you are handling any of the salts wear your gloves,” Miller said. She added that less is more when it comes to applying the products because too much could damage your steps or driveway.

“A 50lbs bag is going to cover a lot,” Miller said. “Of course, it doesn’t go bad. You can use it time after time.”

Green’s also has several shovels on standby for people like Ferris hoping to be more prepared this go-round.

“I’m just stocking up and just going to enjoy it,” Ferris said about the snow on the way.

Green’s Feed and Seed also has things like wood bundles and wood pellets this time of year for people needing to keep warm as well as birdseed in case you want to help the feathered friends in your backyard.