(WOWK) — We saw a very cold weekend in the tristate area with high temperatures in the 30s on Sunday as frigid conditions blasted most of the lower 48. Here’s how our weekend high temperatures compare to other cities in the US.

Charleston, WV and Anchorage, AK High Temperature from Sunday

Yesterday Anchorage, Alaska is currently experiencing a track of warmer than normal conditions for this time of year and warmed all the way up to the mid 40s. Meanwhile most of the lower 48 are experiencing a blast of cold air and temperatures 15-20 degrees below normal. Here’s a list of other cities near us that were colder than Anchorage yesterday:
Columbus, OH (39)
Cincinnati, OH (37)
Huntington, WV (37)
Morgantown, WV (37)
Pikeville, KY (37)

Clearer skies today will cause our highs to warm up to the mid and upper 40s, while Anchorage will cool back down so we will not be colder than Alaska today. Still, this puts into perspective how unseasonably cold we are at the moment.

Forecast High Temperatures Thursday-Sunday WOWK-TV viewing area

Temperatures will stay cold, and highs will even drop below the 40s by the end of the work week. We will even see some chances for snow flurries Wednesday and Thursday morning. Less than an inch will actually stick to the ground, and only in the mountains. Morning low temperatures will dip into the lower 20s and even teens for the end of the week.

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