(WOWK) – We have seen a relatively warm winter so far in the tristate area, and Storm Tracker 13 Meteorologists predict that another warm spring-like week ahead of us.

Forecast High Temperatures Tuesday-Friday

High temperatures will climb up to the 70s once again for the WOWK-TV viewing area for the middle of this week after a warm front pass through the region. If both Wednesday and Thursday’s highs pan out, then those two days will be the 3rd and 4th day in the 70s this month.

With the very warm winter so far it begs the question “How common are 70-degree days in February?”

70-degree temperatures in February are not unprecedented. In fact, the record high for every day in February is above 70. The February’s overall record high is 81 degrees, and was set on February 20th, 2018.

Tracing data back to 1948 Charleston, WV saw at least one February day in the 70s on 43 different years.

The two years with the most 70-degree days are 1976, and 2018 with 5 separate days. 1990 and 1954 both have 4 days at or above 70 degrees, and 2017, 2000, and 1994 were not too far behind with 3 days.

The most consecutive Februarys with 70+ high temperatures in Charleston ran for 7 years from 1996-2002.

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