HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Drivers say traveling through Huntington on Friday was like trying to find your way out of a maze. Several roads were blocked off leaving very few available travel routes, all due to unexpected flash flooding.

Neighbors say this wasn’t like anything they had seen in the past.

Along 12th Avenue was one of many hit hard by the high water. Residents there woke up to water-covered roadways, surrounded parked cars, and waves filtering into the basement of homes.

For neighbors like Alison Barry, there was little to no time to prepare.

“Within an hour’s time this drastically progressed and now the water is flowing and just pouring down into our basement,” said Barry.

While some were already dealing with the damages to their property, others were trying to prevent the water from getting close to theirs.

Emergency crews encouraged drivers to avoid traveling through high water areas, using the old saying “Turn around, don’t drown.” However, neighbors say some did not heed this advice… Causing bigger problems for the neighborhood.

“These people kept coming through here like bulldozers creating a wake. Making the water come up to our vehicles,” said Huntington resident Roy Bailey.

Later in the day, the water did recede quite a bit, enough for neighbors to get a better idea of the overall damage.

Free flood-cleanup kits will be available for those affected beginning at 10 am on Saturday near Enslow Park.