HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Sunday afternoon, residents across the Tri-State had to deal with rising water and the threat of flooding. As the waters started to rise, many residents in Cabell and Wayne County carefully monitored the elevation levels and prepped accordingly.

In the last couple of days, these neighbors have dealt with snow and ice. Now, instead of icy roads and snow on the ground, they are dealing with wet roads and standing water.

In areas near Fourpole Creek, even though the water is not completely over the road, the amount of elevation is concerning for some neighbors.

It’s something that worries us because our houses have had problems with high water and flooding in the past.

Mark Connelly, Enslow Park resident

Enslow Park residents Mark Connelly and Brianna Holley have lived near the creek for many years. They say flooding is just something they’ve had to deal with, but they like to get a head start on prep work.

The most that we do is we get our cars to a higher vantage point and we have to pick up everything that is important.

Briana Holley, Enslow Park resident

In areas like Wayne County near Big Bear Creek, water has been spotted over some roads, which can cause drivers to hydroplane. However, these aren’t the only hazards to look out for.

As the temperature drops overnight, sidewalks and roads with standing water could freeze Monday morning, creating slick conditions for anyone walking or driving. Officials are encouraging anyone who might be out to be cautious.