CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Depending on where you’re located, it has been VERY dry over the last few weeks!

Primarily west of the Big Sandy River and west of the Ohio River, rainfall has been above average, especially as a result of the heavy rainfall we saw late last week. Portsmouth has received 42 percent more rainfall than average for July.

However, most areas east of the Big Sandy River and east of the Ohio River have been very dry!

Over the last thirty days, Spencer, WV has only received about 42 percent of its normal rainfall for the month of July – that’s less than half! Charleston is at 63 percent, Logan is at 54 percent, Ripley is at 56 percent and Sutton is at 51 percent.

For the year, Huntington has picked up TEN more inches of rain than Charleston! Charleston is about six inches below average for the year, while Huntington is about five inches above average – a huge distance over the span of only about 50 miles!

Looking ahead, the pattern still looks pretty dry over the next two weeks – slightly below average. As we head through the month of August and into the start of September, the amount of rain that falls is usually a precursor to the type of fire season ahead..