LAWRENCE COUNTY, KY (WOWK) – Thousands of Kentucky Power customers remain without power more than a week after the first storm hit and crews are still facing an uphill slope.

Kentucky power says Lawrence, Boyd, and Carter County were the hardest hit by the three storms that caused the power outages. While crews have been actively working to repair these outages, downed trees and dangerous road conditions are making restorations difficult.

Kentucky power spokesperson Cindy Wiseman says they are still trying to push through these obstacles.

We have flooded those areas with resources and are working as quickly as we can to get everyone back on.

Cindy Wiseman, Kentucky Power Vice President of External Affairs

The main issue causing the most damage is weakened trees. The ice and snow on top of the trees add extra weight that many cannot hold causing them to fall over, taking powerlines with them.

Tree service crews are also being dispatched to certain areas to clear any debris over or on top of the roadways so power crews can safely get to areas.

Louisa resident Larry Henson says they just recently restored his power but says there are others who may have to wait longer to get their lights back on. Henson suggests anyone still without power, visit a warming center or buy a small gas heater.

It’s not much, but I didn’t freeze.

Larry Henson, Louisa resident

Kentucky power says most customers will have service restored by the end of next week, longer than they had originally anticipated.