(WOWK) – The dry weather and clear skies is great news for stargazers in Appalachia. StormTracker 13 Meteorologists say that there even more reason to look to the skies over the next few nights.

Leonid Meteor Shower Information

The Leonid Meteors get their name from their point of origin in the Leo constellation. Meteors would be possible to spot from November 6th – November 30th, and the peak viewing night is this Friday November 17th.

For some stargazing tips first and foremost, always be aware of your surroundings at night. For the best viewing experience you want to look up away from porch or streetlights. If you want to spot the Leonids look towards the Leo constellation and wait!

Unfortunately, StormTracker 13 Meteorologists are calling for rain in the forecast for Friday night. However, this is still a developing system, and we could see some breaks in the rain for the end of the work week.

For the latest forecasts and weather information download the StormTracker 13 weather app, and stay ahead of the rain by clicking on the link below!