(WOWK) – Stargazers willing to brave the cold temperatures in the tristate area will be able to spot the peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower tonight. The Leonids will show up near the Leo constellation and will leave long trails of light behind them.

Leonid Meteor Shower Information

The showers will become visible tonight around 11pm, and its peak will be at 6am. The showers will disappear at dawn roughly 15 minutes after. If you miss the peak tonight, you will still have until November 30th still catch some of the meteor shower.

Tonight’s Conditions for the WOWK-TV viewing area

It will be a chilly night so make sure to bundle up. We are expected to see mostly skies tonight so you may some of the showers get covered up. Tomorrow night we’ll see partly cloudy, but clear skies will move back in over the weekend.

Leo Constellation

It will be easier to spot away from other sources of light such as streetlights or porchlights. If you are having trouble finding Leo in the sky, look for a question mark below the pan of the Big Dipper. Additionally, there are numerous night sky apps that use your location to show which constellations you are looking at. Always remember to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

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