(WOWK) – It’s a very cold start to the work week, and winter storm warnings have been issued for the highest peaks in the Mountain State.

Watch Warning Map

Looking back at our weather data dating back to 2005 this is the first time that a Winter Storm Watch or Warning has been issued in the month of May. StormTracker 13 Meteorologists have reached out to the folks at the National Weather Service, and they can’t remember any other may warnings either.

Number of Winter Storm Warnings issued per month for 2005-2023

The snow will have a hard time sticking to the ground, and we can only expect to see accumulations over the highest peaks. The rest of the mountain state will just see cold rain to start the work week.

Model output snow totals

The latest model runs are showing close to 8 inches of snow possible over the highest peaks. These 8 inches will not account for melting, and snow will only accumulate over the highest peaks. Mountain bases could see some snow on the grass during the morning hours.

Looking forward, StormTracker 13 Meteorologists predict that temperatures will climb back into the 70s for this weekend.

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