CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — If you have a dog who struggles outside in the cold in these freezing temperatures, this advice is for you. We spoke with the experts on how to keep your pooch as warm as possible.

“It’s about like us. You don’t want to spend a lot of time out in the cold yourself. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for dogs, said Ryan Whittington, a dog owner.

Dog owners, Ryan Whittington and James Davison work with dogs all the time at Club K9, and they told us different breeds can get colder faster than others, but you can help them all out by bundling them up.

“I’ve got windbreaker jackets for my Pitbulls that way when they’re out for longer periods of time trying to keep up with the huskies they can actually stay warm,” said Davison.

Veterinarians say you should keep your dog warm to ensure safety in freezing temperatures, and a good way to do that is by putting a sweater or jacket on them, even little booties for their feet, and most importantly make sure they’re not outside for too long.

Dr. Eric Lee, a veterinarian we spoke with says some warning signs to look out for if your dog becomes extremely cold include,

“Shivering, depressed, trying to curl up and find a way to get warm,” said Lee.

“Raising a paw, favoring a paw, that could be an indicator of possible split pad, cracked pad from being too cold, frostbite,” said Davison.

In some extreme cases, hypothermia can even set in.

“It would take some time for most dogs with some fur coat, but a small dog, within an hour or two, they could easily be in trouble,” said Lee.

Although, Lee says you can leave your dog in the car for a short period of time in cold weather because it is better insolated.

“If an animal can’t conserve its body heat, get out of the wind, get out of the elements, and preserve some of that body temperature. It certainly can be fatal,” said Lee.

Hopefully, with this advice, you’ll be able to help keep your dog warm and get them going on that walk, even in the cold.