HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – This week, many will be monitoring just how high the mercury may go. Despite what the thermometer says, what it will feel like in some cases much higher.

The comfortable times to be out this week will most likely be early in the morning or right before dusk.

Tuesday night, the temperature was in the 70s, which many say is pretty comfortable. However, once the heat and humidity combine, especially on Thursday, it’s expected to be uncomfortable, to say the least.

The heat index could possibly be in the 100s. Once it gets to that point, those who are usually out jogging or walking say they want to stay away from the high temperatures.

“Usually I will walk in the morning and I will walk at night, and that’s kind of my decompress, but I will most likely lay low and stay in the air conditioning.” Huntington resident Michael Chirico says Tuesday night while he was walking at Ritter Park.

Some advice people in the Huntington community are offering includes drinking plenty of water, staying in the shade or indoors with air conditioning, applying sunscreen, and practicing other good cooling strategies.