UPDATE 12/30/22: Projected rain totals have been trending downward. Current model output suggests between a quarter inch and a half inch of rain will be possible throughout the region. Chances for lighter showers will start around 1AM with heavier rain showers expected for the afternoon and evening hours. Majority of these showers will clear up before the ball drops tomorrow.

(WOWK) – Warm spring like temperatures have moved into the mountain state courtesy of the warm southerly winds over the past few days. Storm Tracker 13 Meteorologists predict that these fantastic warm temperatures will stick around for a few days, but there could be some storms headed our way for New Year’s Eve.

Predictor Snapshot Saturday 2:25PM

A low-pressure system will force both a warm front and a cold front to pass through our area the Saturday bringing in several chances for rain showers and potential thunderstorms. Rain from the warm front will move in early Saturday morning and will mostly fall closer towards the Ohio River Valley. We will see a little bit of a break in shower activity for the end of the morning hours, but once we get into the afternoon, we will see the second wave of moisture pass through. This second wave will tend to push showers towards eastern Kentucky and southern parts of West Virginia and will continue into the evening hours. As of 12/29/22 the rain appears to clear up by Sunday.

Predictor Rain Totals

We will not see enough rain to warrant any flood risks, but we will still see around half an inch of rain fall across the region. Some of the scattered showers will bring in heavy rain which could cause reduced visibility when drive to your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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