PRESTONSBURG, KY (WOWK) – As the rain is expected to continue for the next few days, people in areas across the Tri-State are on high alert for floods.

People along Abbott Creek Road, in Prestonsburg, Kentucky say they saw around eight to 10 inches of rain.

That rain left some people trapped in their homes and having to turn around as they were unable to travel along the stretch.

Other people say the flooding happened, “much quicker this time than it typically does,” making some have to rush home to clear their garage and move everything.

Residents here say they always have to be on high alert.

“We know by now that when they say we’re going to get one to two inches, maybe three, we better start putting stuff on high ground. It’s really frustrating, it’s crazy around here when the floods do come,” explained resident, Ivy Scalf.

Another person in the area called the entire situation “annoying” as he says, “it happens all the time.”

Other residents told me one thing the county could do to solve this issue is take steps to “re-channel or widen the creek” to avoid the constant issue altogether.

In the small neighborhood known as Creekside Drive, the highwater also damaged multiple homes. Neighbors say water got into their garages and under their homes.

They worked into the evening trying to remove the water, clean up mud and debris, and assess any further damages.

Now people say they’re preparing for the rain that’s expected to come in the next few days.