(WOWK) — The first weekend of the New Year brings with it a multitude of chances for severe weather from flooding to damaging winds to a small risk of tornadoes. The largest risk of severe weather is the chance for too much rain. The Excessive Rainfall Risk (or Flooding Risk) update shows a high risk near the Ohio River back to the southwest.

Excessive Rainfall Risk outlook for Saturday

Just about any location in the viewing area could see 2-3 inches of rainfall, meaning strong rises on small streams and creeks and low lying areas. If you see water over the roadway, never enter that area.

Predictor model output for weekend rainfall

The general risk of severe storms is listed as Slight or the 2nd category of 5 on the severe storm risk scale from Charleston back to the west. The storms will come before dawn Saturday and again after sunset.

Severe storm risk outlook for Saturday

The tornado chance is low but is not zero with these storms. Please know where your safe spot is just in case you would have to take shelter.

Tornado risk outline for Saturday

Cold air will crash into the region on Sunday and snow will fall after sunset. By Monday morning we could see amounts that look like the forecast below. Even if we see very little snow, please watch for icy surfaces thanks to an expected fast freeze Sunday night.

Adjusted forecast map for snowfall by Sunday morning

Be sure to download and use the StormTracker 13 weather app to stay ahead of any storm alerts, weather forecast changes and to see VIPIR Real Time Radar. It’s free and you can download it right here.