CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Much of the Tri-State saw severe weather and flooding Wednesday.

“Big hole in the road,” says Edward Spencer, a Sissonville resident. “They got it blocked and another place I guess the culverts about to give away, so it’s got it blocked so we’re stuck in.”

A culvert got too high, causing a hole to open on Martin’s Branch Road. Resident Robert Macdiarmid says he has been worried about this culvert before.

“I always make sure I keep it clean as far as when big storms come, you have to make sure you take any debris,” Macdiarmid says. “Before it’s been so bad it’s washed. Like people up the road must have had railroad ties, and I’ve taken railroad ties out of this thing.”

Macdiarmid says he is just happy his home is okay through the severe weather.

“The trees are all down, like a little microburst must have knocked those three trees down, and the water was up another 15 feet here, and my son was home, but he said it was so loud that it sounded like a train came through here,” Macdiarmid said.

Residents say they are not surprised this time around, as flood damages in the area have been worse before.

“Oh yeah, worse than this,” Spencer said. “You couldn’t even get down this way at all. There were wires in the road, trees in the road, you name it.”