(WOWK) – While West Virginia is not normally a winter wonderland by early January, we are still seeing less snow than usual in the WOWK-TV viewing area this year.

Average End of Season Snow Totals Charleston, WV and Huntington, WV

There was a stretch of very cold temperatures right around Christmas, but snow totals have been lagging behind in the Mountain State so far this year. Here’s a list of some West Virginia cities and their snow totals so far for this winter season compared to normal.

Charleston: 1.7″ observed so far. Normal: 7.4″
Huntington: 1.7″ observed so far. Normal: 4.0″
Beckly: 0.5″ observed so far. Normal: 14.7″
Clarksburg: 3.53 observed so far. Normal: 4.17″
Elkins: 3.41″ observed so far. Normal: 4.41″
Parkersburg: 3.75″ observed so far. Normal: 4.20″

Current Drought Monitor

So far, the northern and eastern parts of the state have been doing better in terms of snowfall, but they are still slightly behind. While we are not in drought conditions at the moment, we are still slightly behind in precipitation totals since December 1st of last year. Still the main reason we haven’t seen snow in January yet has been the temperatures. The warm start to the year has caused majority of recent precipitation to fall as rain. Although we are behind all it takes is one big event to put us on track with our averages. Take the Blizzard of 1996 as an example. That year we did not see any snow on the ground before the storm came in. After two days Charleston’s snow depth was 19 inches. Although no blizzard or major snowfall situations are expected, Storm Tracker 13 Meteorologists are optimistic about chances for some snow showers at the end of this week.

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