(WOWK) – This isn’t going to be the snow storm to of all time … it’s also not going to be the snow storm that closes things up for a couple of days … it’s enough to bring out some shovels. The great part about all of this, most of it falls overnight into Saturday morning and can be easily plowed.

The ground temperatures have been warmer of late, and that helps things but when the snow falls in the dark of night and it’s heavy enough, it can still pile up. We are going to see that but the main roads will be easily plowed and by mid to late morning, we’ll be in decent shape.

At this point, the snow doesn’t look to be too bad but there will be some more model data to come in over the next 24 hours.

It will be in the low to mid 60s ahead of the cold front on Friday afternoon and then after that we’ll see a massive change with snow cranking up around and just after midnight.

The snow will be easily plowed through the night because it will be a wetter snow and heavy. That’s easy to plow and shovel.

Snow totals will be tricky. We’ve seen some wild numbers too but at this point, here’s what we’ve got.

We expect an easy 2 to 3 inches but that could be slightly higher in some locations. Details still need to be worked out, but that’s where we’re starting for now.

Remember, it’s going to be COLD on Saturday with highs around freezing! Then next week we’ll make it into the 60s and 70s.

Therefore, we must remind you…