(WOWK) – “Well, that escalated quickly,” something overheard in the StormTracker 13 Weather Lab. High resolution forecast models that forecast an entirely new set of graphics on an hourly basis have seen much colder air. This means that much colder air will produce a high efficiency snowfall and result in much higher forecast totals.

So here’s how this works. The latest forecast maps are showing very good bursts of snow through 8pm tonight. After that, it’s very light and fluffy snow that will taper off after midnight. Then there will be mountain flurries Friday morning through the midday.

The Winter Story Severity Index is now 3 out of 5 which is significant for us at at moderate level. That means we’ve got disruptions to many of our daily lives, some damage is unavoidable from trees falling, power outages and more. Plus, it can be deadly if caught out in it and no place for shelter.

We are looking at snow totals increased in many locations because of the intense cold, much higher snow rates of 15:1. So with that being said, here’s the latest snow total map!

Enjoy this kids! You don’t get good snow like this very often!