UPDATE – NOON THURSDAY – New snow forecast map takes amounts down in western areas a little but focus remains on re-freeze Friday night.

New snow forecast map for Friday through Saturday as of Wednesday night

(WOWK) – There’s another round of snow on the way that will solidly place us in the “Top 10” snow totals for the month of January. This Friday will be a relatively light snow that will slowly fall all day.

As we head to bed late Thursday night, snow will start to develop across central and southern Ohio, plus it will stretch across the northern panhandle of West Virginia. As we go through the overnight hours, we will see the snow slowly drop south across West Virginia and northeast Kentucky before sunrise. Throughout the day it will continue to drop south and slowly fall as light snow all day.

Now, in regards to snow totals…the ground is pretty solidly frozen. The frozen ground will prevent most of this from melting. So with that being said, the snow will total up lightly to allow us to get another decent coating.

The cold to start Thursday morning will help to freeze the ground…solidly.

The highs on Saturday look to be pretty darn cold! Get prepared for that but relish in the fact that we will be in the 50s by next week!