(WOWK) – Mother Nature is ahead of schedule on these cold temperatures and possible snowflakes! Normally, we have a frost and/or a freeze about now but the flakes are a tad early.

So here’s the deal…we’re not expecting any accumulations outside of the highest peaks of West Virginia. Got it?!? LOL. Don’t go telling everyone that we need milk and bread! It’s just a seasonal shift with some high temps more than 20 degrees below normal!

On Tuesday, here’s a look at Predictor below. Now there’s some disclaimers we need to outline. MUCH of this will melt before it gets down to the ground, especially in the lower elevations. So we’ll see some sprinkles, some light mist/drizzle and if you’re lucky, you get to see a snowflake on some peaks and ridges.

Now that you’ve seen Tuesday, the same thing goes for Wednesday down below. Most of it melts before reaching the ground so it’s just liquid.

For those of you who might venture up high, these totals are if NOTHING melts. Well, we all know that some of it’s going to melt. So…cut those numbers in half. Cool deal?!?

But there’s one thing for sure…it’s going to be a cold snap for sure!

At least we’re talking about the snow making at Timberline!

Oh yeah…and here’s this little side note about Rudolph!