(WOWK) — The Spring Weather Special with the StormTracker 13 team will be on WOWK-TV and on our website on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Bryan Hughes leads the tour through spring weather topics from the deck of the Katie H Sternwheeler.

Spencer Adkins takes us to Pikeville, Kentucky, to meet the top YouTube weather personality who just happens to live right here in this television-viewing area.

Chris Knoll gives us important tips involving weather safety ahead of what should be an active severe weather season.

We’re sharing some “Web Extras” from the sit-down interview with Ryan Hall Y’all. First, in the video at the top of this page, Hall talks about the kinds of things he was interested in before becoming a YouTube creator.

With a large following like Hall has, critics sometimes come out of the woodwork. He addresses how he handles that and Internet fame in the video below.

Hall says he can accomplish all the things he needs to from right in Pikeville, Kentucky plus, he loves the local area and the people here.

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