KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK)—The Kanawha County Commission issued a State of Preparedness for Kanawha County on Thursday. This action is due to the potential for heavy rain and strong winds predicted for the region.

According to the National Weather Service, thunderstorms are possible on Thursday, and damaging wind gusts and flooding are expected.

Emergency Manager CW Sigman stated, “As always, the Kanawha County Commission is one step ahead of emergencies and works with all emergency response agencies to ensure we are all ready to respond to any weather event that could occur.  The State of Preparedness has been issued, and we have contacted our water rescue teams and utility companies to prepare for any weather emergency that may occur.”

Preparation for wind and flooding events has included the following:

  • Testing Ring-down System, which is used to call the public who have signed up through Metro 911 to receive calls during dangerous emergency situations
  • Contacted the National Weather Service to prepare for Cable Interrupt notifications regarding flooding
  • Reviewing standard messaging to send out quicker for high water issues
  • All water rescue teams are on standby
  • Emergency Operations Center will have appropriate staffing to monitor rainfall and wind issues
  • Contacted Appalachian Power Company to prepare for potential power outages
  • Contacted Mayors of all communities for preparation
  • Maintaining contact with National Weather Service for forecasting

The Kanawha Commission says that those who remain in flood-prone areas who could be temporarily trapped by high water should be prepared by having an emergency kit including medications, food and water available.

Those whose homes are endangered by flooding should move to higher ground, and those who encounter high water while driving should turn around.