UPDATE: Doppler radar estimates show more than 6 inches of rain fell in parts of Kanawha County in the early morning hours of Monday.

Storm rainfall estimates from VIPIR Real Time Radar

WEST VIRGINIA (WOWK) – First responders had an early start to their morning in multiple counties throughout the state, after flash flooding tore communities apart.

Crews were called to Rutledge Road just off of Greenbrier St. around 4 a.m. for water rescues.

While rescue teams were searching. a tree hit a power line and knocked power out in the area for several hours.

The Charleston Fire Department was able to rescue one woman and take her to a local church for shelter. Several businesses including the barber shop, deli-fresh and the Go-Mart all suffered damage in the area.

Crews also had a long morning on Kelly Creek Road near Cedar Grove.

Kelly Creek Drive was covered with water and crews spent hours trying to rescue people from their homes. Luckily, no one needed to be rescued as the flood water receded fairly quick, however, officials say they’ve never seen flooding this bad in the area

“It’s been up on the road and maybe on this side before but as far as across the road and in houses, I know in 1973 it was inside my grandfather’s house up there. As far as myself, I don’t remember it being across the road since then,” said Cedar Grove Fire Chief Gordy Coleman.

The flooding delayed work for miners who work at the Mammoth Mine because the road was impassable.

One of the hardest hit areas is off of Hughes Creek in eastern Kanawha County

In the community of Hugheston, one of their only two bridges was destroyed by flood waters. In addition, several homes received damage and residents were left shoveling mud from their driveways and basements.

One resident, Lisa Wogerman, says she works in home health care and this is a nerve-wracking situation because there is now only one way for first responders to get to residents.

“I have clients that depend on me to be in their homes and I couldn’t get to him. and so if I couldn’t get to them how are people going to get to us?”

Additionally, the Red Cross has been called in to help residents in Fayette County.

Several first responder agencies have been working around the clock to perform water rescues in Smithers, Cannelton and other surrounding areas. There are shelter and tetanus shots available at Valley High School for anyone who may need it.

Montgomery Fire Chief says their crews have been out since 4:30 this morning and have received help from all over

“Since about 430 this morning, there are times were we felt helpless but thankfully a lot of departments came with boats to help us out.”

Benny Filiaggi, Montgomery Firte Chief